Video Editing and DVD Authoring

$40.00 per hour. This rates applies to the following types of projects:

Video editing involves taking clips from one or more tapes and rearranging them in an order to tell the story you want to convey. DVD Authoring is just a fancy way of referring to the process of making your DVD. One consideration is whether orof not an interactive menu is a good fit for your project. In the case of a Product Demo or Sports Highlight Video, auto start would be a desirable feature. Discs like these are generally sent out to the likes of product buyers and college coaches. It would be advantageous to make these as simple to use as possible and it doesn’t get any easier than auto start. Just insert the disc and it begins to play. An interactive menu menu on the other hand requires the end user to push at least one button to get the program rolling. If your video is for personal archival purposes an interactive menu might prove to be a better choice. This would allow for direct access to pre set chapters in your video. I’ll be happy to help you decide which is the right choice for you.

Video Editing FAQ

How do I go about selecting the footage I want for my video and how do I tell you where the clips are?

A) Unfortunately there’s no easy way around this. Some one has to sit down and go through the tapes. This can be a pretty arduous task, particularly when it comes to sports highlight videos. The plays you are probably looking for are brief and probably buried inside a tape full of game footage. This step represents the home work aspect of the job. I can assist you with the process but it will add significantly to the cost of the job.

The process of cataloging your clips requires a little knowledge and preparation. The way I’ll find your clips is through the time on the tape – that is the distance measured in minutes and seconds your clip is from the beginning of the tape.The best way to document where your clips are ? First, rewind your tape to the beginning. When it is done rewinding be sure to reset the counter to zero. When you come upon the start of a clip you want to include, note the start time on the machine’s counter and the corresponding end time when the clip is over. Write a brief description that describes the scene and you’re on to the next clip. I’ll then import the selected clips into my computer and clean up the rough edges with transitions.