How long will it take to transfer my videos or photos?

Not long! Most projects can be completed by the next business day—shorter projects may be finished the same day, while very complex projects might take a few more. It depends on the size of your project.

What video formats and photo sizes can you work with?

For video – absolutely everything except 8mm PAL, DVC Pro and HDV on Mini DV tapes. If, however, you have the compatible camera for these formats I can use that to make the transfer. As for photo sizes I can scan anything up to 9 by 12 inches. Call me if you have over sized images and I’ll be happy to refer you to another lab that can help you with those.

Will My Videos and Photos be safe?

Yes. All work is completed on premises by me. In the 24 years I’ve been in business I have never lost or damaged any of my customers’ materials.

How much will this cost?

Everyone’s project is unique so please call for a personalized price quote. All estimates are free of charge.