DVD & CD Duplication

Prices start at $5.00 a copy and quantity discounts are available. Price includes duplication, full color on disc printing and clear c – shell cases. Most jobs can be completed in one day or less. Some smaller orders can be completed while you wait. Since everyone’s job is different, please call, email me or come in for an instant quote.

DVD & CD Duplication FAQ

My master disc has a menu screen? Will my copies have a working menu also?

A) Yes. Our DVD duplicators copy your disc precisely in every detail. Also, there is no generational loss which is a common problem when copying a VHS tape to another VHS tape, for example.

I’m concerned about my copies working in other machines. Are there any compatibility issues
I should know about?

A) Over the past 10 years I’ve made countless thousands of DVDs and I cannot recall one instance where a customer called to say that their DVD would not play. For years I have used and will continue to use Discmaker’s DVD-R discs which are rated for professional applications. Compatibility with any DVD player and computer has been 100% in my experience. These discs are also ink jet printable which means the printable surface is manufactured directly on the top of each DVD. We do not use adhesive labels on any of your DVDs which, if incorrectly applied, can cause playback problems.

I have artwork that I designed for my disc? What fileformat can I send that to you in?

A) Artwork can be sent as a JPEG, TIFF or PDF File. My standard practice is to print an actual sample disc for your approval. Checking the sample can be done in person or via email.

I’d like to put a photo on my DVDs and have text printed over the picture.
Is there anything I need to know about laying this out?

A) Yes. It’s important to remember that there’s a hole in the center of the disc. A portrait or group photo might not work well for this reason. We’ll be happy to tackle this design quandary with you and make suggestions for the best possible looking DVD.